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Soviet Dacha in Moscow is a uniqe chance to become familiar to Russian real life.

The information about servises for interactive tour in Moscow is here.

You can read news and information about our events on this page or look photos from Dacha in different seasons.

Contact us by e-mail: info@visitrussdacha.com or leave the request at our website.

You can also look video and read rewiews here befor booking.

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Posted 30/3/2018

Soviet Dacha is an unusual and interesting place in Moscow. This is a tour about the USSR, connected with locals and immersion in Russian lifestyle. Russian cuisine, Russian nature, Russian real life in one excursion. Our tour is becoming more and more popular.

Interesting place in MoscowInteresting place in Moscow

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Black Friday SALE!

Posted 22/11/2017

We run mega Black Friday sale for 150 items!

You can order Soviet vintage items with the discount from 10% to 50% in SovietDacha shop

From 22 to 27 November you can choose something to your collection or for decor in Soviet style with real discount.

We have old Soviet books, games and toys, cloths and accessories, tools for kitchen and household items.

All orders will be shipped after the sale end on 28-29 November.

Welcome to the SovietDacha shop!

Black Friday sale up to 50%!Black Friday sale up to 50%!

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BBC at Soviet Dacha

Posted 11/8/2017

In mid-April we received a mail from representatives of the BBC with a request for cooperation. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a British public service broadcaster placed in London. The BBC is the world's oldest national broadcasting organisation and the largest broadcaster in the world. We were pleased about this mail.

BBC at Soviet DachaBBC at Soviet Dacha

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The secret of Dunno

Posted 27/6/2017

Do you know who is Dunno, Mursilka, Dude or Paru-chan? We didn’t know, but now can tell you about them.
Recently shop SovietDacha received a request for a book of Russian author Nikolay Nosov "Dunno adventures" published in Soviet era with illustrations by Alexei Laptev.
Dunno's Adventures by Nosov with Laptev's illustrationsDunno's Adventures by Nosov with Laptev's illustrations

































We found this book and shipped it to Japan. The buyer of the book, and now the friend of our shop told us the story that formed the basis of this article for you.

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Russian porcelain Part 2

Posted 24/3/2017

The products of the Imperial porcelain factory is the most popular porcelain brand in Russia now. Porcelain IPF represented in the Hermitage, Moscow Historical Museum, London the Victoria and albert Museum, New York Metropolitan Museum etc.

Tea set of LFZTea set of LFZ

Porcelain tea set with golden petternPorcelain tea set with golden pettern

 This kind of tea sets we sell at SovietDacha shop here

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Russian porcelain

Posted 15/3/2017

Beautiful pictures of products from different Soviet porcelain factories were published in the Soviet encyclopedia of the household in 1966.

Soviet porcelain picture from Encyclopedia of the householdSoviet porcelain picture from Encyclopedia of the household












But it was difficult to buy porcelain tableware in Soviet times. In the stores there were queues to buy the usual plates.

Soviet people gave tableware sets on holidays and definitely on the wedding to each other. Ordinary workers didn't collect figurines or utensils of certain factories. A lot of people have found out the difference between the value of the products of the porcelain factories only after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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Homunculus Loxodontus

Posted 1/2/2017

Some time ago a guest from Holland has become a very popular meme in Russian Internet. His Russian name is "Zhdun". There is no such word in our dictionary, it is derived from the verb "zhdat" in English he could be named "Expecter" as a derivative from the verb "to expect". Soviet Dacha loves the unusual guests, so we were glad to invite him for a visit.
Homunculus Loxodontus at Soviet Dacha in MoscowHomunculus Loxodontus at Soviet Dacha in Moscow

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Honeycomb rolled candles

Posted 19/1/2017

Why do we make candles? We just love candles from natural beeswax and glad to share them with everyone.
We make candles for using at Dacha, for sale and gifts. Our Etsy shop is here.
Honeycomb candles smell like natural honey. If we add essential oil, the candle will be scented and even healing.

Honeycomb rolled candles
Honeycomb rolled candles

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Russian holiday traditions. Christmas and New Year

Posted 13/1/2017

IUntil the reign of Tsar Peter I the Orthodox Church celebrated the beginning of the new year the 1st of September. The celebrating the new civil year and the Church were closely intertwined. The 1700 in Russia celebrated twice. First on 1 Sep. At the end of 1699 Peter I issued a decree "on the celebration of the new year." He was ordered to postpone the beginning of the year from 1 September to the 1st of January 1700. Peter I ordered to decorate the house "pine, spruce and juniper branches on samples exposed in Gostiny  Dvor; in the sign of fun each other be sure to congratulate happy new year".
The decree of Peter I about New year celebrationThe decree of Peter I about New year celebration

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Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Posted 24/12/2016

Soviet Dacha wishes you a fabulous Christmas and a New Year full of happiness!

i La Dacha le desea una muy Feliz Navidad de fábula y que el 2015 esta lleno amor y felicidad!

Sowjetische Datscha wünscht Ihnen frohe Weihnachten, Glück, Erfolg und persönliches Wohlergehen im neuen Jahr!

บ้านดาช่าโซเวียต ขอให้ท่านสนุกสุขสันต์ในวันคริสต์มาส และมีความสุขกับปีใหม่นี้

Zarubin postcard
Zarubin postcard


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