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The history of Soviet Dacha in Moscow

Posted 24/3/2016

Today we'll tell the story of our Dacha. The story began after the great Patriotic war, when the problem of food in the USSR became so acute, that the government decided to give workers the land for gardening.

Soviet dacha houses in the pastSoviet dacha houses in the past

The size of the pieces of land was calculated so that the family could grow their own food, but to not allow workers to leave the city. Factory workers got a piece of clay an hour's drive from Moscow.

Today our Dacha is located in the centre of New Moscow near the subway station. But back in 1951 this place was very far away. Even the ring road was built much later and was opened to cars only after 10 years in 1962. It was a long time ago.

A working-class family planted trees and built houses. Everyone helped each other in everything.

Man built dacha houseMan built dacha house















The houses were built simultaneously at all sites. All of them had the same income, so the houses were similar. These were wooden buildings for summer use. In those days nobody rested at dachas, there worked even harder than in the city.

Life at Soviet Dacha in 1952Life at Soviet Dacha in 1952






















Women planted the plants, the men built house and only children had rest, fun and a lot of fresh berries.

At first they lived in the shed, then built the house.

 The shed at Soviet dacha in 1951
The shed at Soviet dacha in 1951











The families became bigger and the houses became bigger. Many years have passed and now the old suburban wooden houses were replaced by the  stone modern large houses. But we saved our old dacha house, so you can see how Muscovites live at dachas now and in the past.

Dacha house in the springDacha house in the spring