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Honeycomb rolled candles

Posted 19/1/2017

Why do we make candles? We just love candles from natural beeswax and glad to share them with everyone.
We make candles for using at Dacha, for sale and gifts. Our Etsy shop is here.
Honeycomb candles smell like natural honey. If we add essential oil, the candle will be scented and even healing.

Honeycomb rolled candles
Honeycomb rolled candles

A burning wax candleA burning wax candleThese candles often buy Spa salons and massage parlors.
Once our guests saw these candles and asked to sell them. We didn't have enough at that time, so we produced and shipped them later to Thailand.

Many of our candles are sold in our shop on Etsy.com and in stores of Moscow.
At first we did not plan to sell the candles and made them only for us. It is very easy, simple and pleasent. Children came to us and we taught them to make such a beautiful candles. We even had a big master-class, which in three hours was attended by over 50 children!

Children make candles
Children make candles













We buy honeycomb sheets from beekeepers. This natural wax, comes in the form of a honeycomb for beehives. In these combs the bees create the cells that make stocks of honey.
We have several different thickness of wicks for candles of different sizes. We light candles in the evening to create a romantic atmosphere at Dacha. Sometimes the power is turned off and then we play board games by the light of burning candles. It's so unusual!

We've even created a kit for children and adults, with which everyone can create his own candle. The kit includes honeycomb sheet, wicks, instructions and a ready-made candle-sample. You can find it here.

Creating set for children. Make candle.Creating set for children. Make candle.













 Now we make candles of different sizes, make sets of them. We offer beautiful and unusual tealights.

 We have the kits with thick rolled candles and tea candles in one set. There are also the glass cups in the set that fit small and large candles.
Large box of candles was recently sent to Chile for one large restaurant in the Central square of Santiago.
We are very pleased to know that people light our candles in different corners of the world. And we really hope they like it as much as we do.