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Soviet Dacha in Moscow is a uniqe chance to become familiar to Russian real life.

The information about servises for interactive tour in Moscow is here.

You can read news and information about our events on this page or look photos from Dacha in different seasons.

Contact us by e-mail: info@visitrussdacha.com or leave the request at our website.

You can also look video and read rewiews here befor booking.

Cristmas decor, ornaments & postcards

Posted 3/11/2016

This year the snow fell In the middle of autumn in Moscow! The New year holiday will come soon! Our shop SovietDacha on Etsy.com started to sell Christmas decorations and greeting cards.

Sale! Christmas decorations!
Sale! Christmas decorations!

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Winter came to Soviet Dacha

Posted 30/10/2016

Winter came to Moscow!

Winter at Soviet Dacha
Winter at Soviet Dacha

















The middle of autumn is on the calendar, it's still late October. But it's already very cold and snow at the street. This year winter came to us earlier than usual.

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Soviet era rarities

Posted 18/10/2016

The SovietDacha shop on the website Etsy is very young, It was opened on 2 Sept. We glad to suggest you old Soviet things from our Museum. If you are serching for Soviet era rarities, Soviet vintage clothes, old Soviet games, kitchenware or enything old vintage made in USSR, don't hesitate to email us! We can find it for you or try to do that:))

Cobalt blue cups, goblets, tea or coffee sets  are the most popular in our shop.

Sale of Soviet era goodsSale of Soviet era goods

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"Best private trip ever!”

Posted 24/9/2016

Today we had a visitor from Shanghai. We met her near the metro station and drove to Dacha for a standard tour at the Museum and around the garden. Mila taught us how to tie a pioneer tie in the Chinese style and to write Russian names by Chinese ieroglify.

The history of Russia and China largely similar, we have many similar memories of childhood and the past of our countries.

Unusal tour in Moscow with localsUnusal tour in Moscow with locals

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SovietDacha at Etsy

Posted 13/9/2016

We did it! We've opened a shop on Etsy.com!
Dear friends! Who love the Soviet past, are interested in the Soviet heritage and things created during the Soviet era! Now we are ready to share our collection with all the world!

To all visitors of the website we give a 5% discount for all items! Coupon code for the Etsy shop is FROMTHEWEBSITE.

You can find us here!How looks SovietDacha on EtsyHow looks SovietDacha on Etsy

We give a discount for the visit to the Soviet Dacha to all customers of our shop!

All guests of Soviet Dacha have a 5% discount to all items in our shop!

Read on, we will show what we sell in our shop!

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Guests from France

Posted 13/8/2016

In early August we were visited by a wonderful family from France, Bordeaux. We met five guests near the metro station, showed them our Museum, told about modern life at Russian country house and how we lived here in the Soviet past.

Our photo after the tourVisit Russian country houseVisit Russian country house



















We dressed the guests in Soviet clothing. Read on if you want to see how it was.

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Dancing skeleton at Soviet Dacha in Moscow

Posted 1/4/2016

Sometimes we receive very unusual guests at our Dacha. Guests from Brazil, Holland, Thailand, Argentina, Germany, France, Austria and over countries have paid us a visit. Now we accept guest from the past! Our Soviet past is rich and diverse. Soviet Dacha reflects the Soviet era, we preserved here kids games and adult entertainment. Therefore is not surprising that the guests from the past arrived to entertain us!

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The history of Soviet Dacha in Moscow

Posted 24/3/2016

Today we'll tell the story of our Dacha. The story began after the great Patriotic war, when the problem of food in the USSR became so acute, that the government decided to give workers the land for gardening.

Soviet dacha houses in the pastSoviet dacha houses in the past

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Russian borsch & Recipe

Posted 8/3/2016

Every our guest loves Russian food and always asks for recipes. We conduct a master class on cooking Russian dumplings. Together with the guests we prepare dumplings and then eat them. We also suggest a master class in cooking borscht. Everyone loves it! From anywhere in the world! So we decide to put the recipe here. For details, read and follow what is written below and you will have a delicious borsch!
The recipe of Russian soupThe recipe of Russian soup

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We start sales

Posted 23/12/2015

Our guests often want to buy the exhibits of our museum. We allow film crews to use our furniture, accessories and other items in their films. People often ask us about our exhibits. We thought and decided to start selling them!

 Sale! Soviet vintage.Sale! Soviet vintage.

Almost Everything that you can see on our photos in Gallery is available to buy.
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