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Russian porcelain Part 2

Posted 24/3/2017

The products of the Imperial porcelain factory is the most popular porcelain brand in Russia now. Porcelain IPF represented in the Hermitage, Moscow Historical Museum, London the Victoria and albert Museum, New York Metropolitan Museum etc.

Tea set of LFZTea set of LFZ

Porcelain tea set with golden petternPorcelain tea set with golden pettern

 This kind of tea sets we sell at SovietDacha shop here

Porcelain production in Russia has a long history. The first Russian porcelain factory was opened in St. Petersburg in 1744. Initially it was called "Nevsky porcelain manufactory", 1765 — Imperial porcelain factory, from 1917 — the State porcelain factory. In 1925, the factory in connection with the 200th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences was named M. V. Lomonosov; the company received the official name — the Leningrad porcelain factory named after M. V. Lomonosov, along with which had the use of the short form — the Lomonosov porcelain factory (LFZ acronym stigma was perceived and as the Leningrad porcelain factory) until 2005. On 29 May 2005, the stockholders of Lomonosov Porcelain Factory passed a resolution to return to their pre-Soviet name, the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory.

There are several types of hallmarks LFZ porcelain factory. For example, the trade mark of the plant of the Russian Empire and the mark of the Soviet era. Red stamp was put on production of first class, the inscription "Made in USSR" was intended for export. Also they used blue or green colors.

The mark of the Imperial porcelain factoryThe mark of the Imperial porcelain factory










We have sets of tea cups and saucers from Lomonosov porcelain factory. These tea sets were purchased in the late 70s of the last century. My mother loves cobalt blue porcelain. We have Cobalt blue porcelain items from different manufacturers at Dacha house. But we don't use it. So with permission from mom, we decided to offer this porcelain collection at SovietDacha shop.

Soviet cobalt blue porcelain
Soviet cobalt blue porcelain
















You can find these items at SovietDacha shop here.

There are also very cute tea cups made at the Lomonosov porcelain factory in blue and white style with floral ornaments in SovietDacha shop.

Imperial tea cups in blue and white styleImperial tea cups in blue and white style

LFZ tea cupsLFZ tea cups

  They are not adorned with gold and not look rich, but they look beautiful and it's very good for drinking tea.