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Soviet era rarities

Posted 18/10/2016

The SovietDacha shop on the website Etsy is very young, It was opened on 2 Sept. We glad to suggest you old Soviet things from our Museum. If you are serching for Soviet era rarities, Soviet vintage clothes, old Soviet games, kitchenware or enything old vintage made in USSR, don't hesitate to email us! We can find it for you or try to do that:))

Cobalt blue cups, goblets, tea or coffee sets  are the most popular in our shop.

Sale of Soviet era goodsSale of Soviet era goods

We have already sent several beautiful tea sets in the style of cobalt blue with gold pattern to the United States.

Tea set cobalt blueTea set cobalt blue













Russian buyers purchased sets of candles, the kit to make candles themselves, three beautiful plates, cobalt blue goblets and old children's books.

Handmade candles in SovietDacha shopHandmade candles in SovietDacha shop









We ship parcels with a small gift and discounts for the next purchase and visit to the Museum of Soviet dacha.

Welcome to our shop SovietDacha at Etsy!