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Travel guide about Soviet Dacha

Posted 1/10/2015

Two years ago we received copies of several journals from Thailand with the description of excursions at Dacha.

Thai travel magazine about Dacha Thai travel magazine about Dacha

















Now we have the news from France. A new instance of a popular guidebook described the trip to Dacha on their pages!

At the beginning of tourism at Dacha we had a manager of Thai travel magazine. He found our excursion so interesting, that wrote about it in two issues of his magazine. And he was so kind that sent them to us.

This summer the representative of the famous French travel guide Petit Futé visited Soviet Dacha in Moscow. Oksana was very attentive and friendly guest. The result of our discussion became the article about the Soviet country.

Travel guide About Soviet Dacha in MoscowTravel guide About Soviet Dacha in Moscow
















Thank you, Oksana for the nice review. The cottage is an unusual experience in Moscow, the excursion with locals in Moscow and the real history of our Soviet past. We have a lot of fun and interactive and we really fond of meeting new guests.
Dear French people, you are welcome to visit us!