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Welcome to Soviet Dacha in Moscow!Tour to Russian country house. Visit Soviet Dacha!Tour to Russian country house. Visit Soviet Dacha!

Please contact us by e-mail INFO@VISITRUSSDACHA.COM or by filling the request form.

We speak English. Another languages are also possible.

We'll meet you near the subway exit Buninskaya Avenue and bring back there after the tour. The way to Dacha takes 10 minutes from the metro station (1 - 4 persons)

Or you can get Dacha by taxi or with group by minibus (1 - 14 persons)

Standard tour  includes: 

-transfer (1 - 4 persons)

-excursion in the Museum of the Soviet Dacha (1 - 14 persons)

-history of  Russian dachas

-tea with homemade pies in the Russian style (depends on season and your wishes)

You can also have lunch at Dacha house with hosts.

Additionally upon request you can have:

1. Standart tour with lunch in Russian style

-Standart tour + borsch, home-made snacks, kvass or compote

2. Make dumplings or borsch

-make pelmeni or borsch, cook them and eat with homemade snacks and Russian drinks

3. Create Souvenirs

-master-class on making of Souvenirs in "decoupage" technique

Russian tea at country house.Russian tea at country house.

4. Tea-party in Russian style

 -samovar, black, herbal or Russian Ivan-tea at your choice, homemade pies, several kinds of jam

 It takes about 30-40 minutes, but sometimes guests with the hosts drink tea and can't stop talking :)) Once we were having tea for nearly two hours, telling about our countries, it's similarities and differences.

 You can also look photos and read our news befor request. If you want to look video and read rewiewes, welcome here.

Russian samovar at Russian Dacha
Russian samovar at Russian Dacha Lunch at Russian dachaLunch at Russian dacha