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Guests from France

Posted 13/8/2016

In early August we were visited by a wonderful family from France, Bordeaux. We met five guests near the metro station, showed them our Museum, told about modern life at Russian country house and how we lived here in the Soviet past.

Our photo after the tourVisit Russian country houseVisit Russian country house



















We dressed the guests in Soviet clothing. Read on if you want to see how it was.

The harsh Soviet cottager dressed in jacket, hat and boots for the cold Russian winter.

Russian "telogreyka", "ushanka", "valenki".Russian "telogreyka", "ushanka", "valenki".















Beautiful Florin was disguised in Soviet schoolgirl.

The Soviet school uniform- a pioneer tie and forage capThe Soviet school uniform- a pioneer tie and forage cap



















Pupils in the Soviet schools for 70 years were dressed in the same way. Brown dress and black apron for weekdays and a white apron with white bows pioneer cap for the holidays.

Guests made the next move in our chess game between Russian and foreign guests of Soviet dacha. Then we went to drink tea. The weather was wonderful, the guests gathered grass and leaves for a delicious Russian tea. The samovar boiled the water and we drank tea with homemade sweets. For dessert, we cooked pancakes with several varieties of jams, meat pies and a casserole of cheese.

Tea in Russian style. Russian tea & samovar.Tea in Russian style. Russian tea & samovar.



















We had a delicious and fun, and 2.5 hours flew by.

We returned our guests back to the metro station and wished them a pleasant stay in Russia.

Thank you for your visit! Welcome again!