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SovietDacha at Etsy

Posted 13/9/2016

We did it! We've opened a shop on Etsy.com!
Dear friends! Who love the Soviet past, are interested in the Soviet heritage and things created during the Soviet era! Now we are ready to share our collection with all the world!

To all visitors of the website we give a 5% discount for all items! Coupon code for the Etsy shop is FROMTHEWEBSITE.

You can find us here!How looks SovietDacha on EtsyHow looks SovietDacha on Etsy

We give a discount for the visit to the Soviet Dacha to all customers of our shop!

All guests of Soviet Dacha have a 5% discount to all items in our shop!

Read on, we will show what we sell in our shop!

We have just opened and now there are a few sections in the shop.
1. Soviet kitchenware. This page presents kitchen utensils that we used during the Soviet era. There are aluminum utensils, wooden decor, Soviet porcelain and unusual gifts produced in the Union.

Soviet kitchenware from Soviet DachaSoviet kitchenware from Soviet Dacha















2. USSR crystal & old glass. Here we sale the Soviet crystal, vintage glasses, wine glasses, and glass sets.
3. We offer cobalt dishes, tea and coffee sets, painted with gold, which  were so popular in the USSR.

Cobalt blue with gold pattern from Soviet eraCobalt blue with gold pattern from Soviet era
















4. We have placed children's books and old music notes. We don't know who is buying children's books in Russian, but they are all richly illustrated and very interesting. You can find them here.
5. During the Soviet Union our country made friends with India and we have assembled many things from this country. Vases, unusual vintage metal kitchenware, filigree vase, and more can now be purchased in our shop at Etsy.

Indian metal kitchenware
Indian metal kitchenware








6. We also have handmade gifts and Souvenirs. We roll and sell candles from natural beeswax, we offer interesting solutions for gifts for Halloween, Christmas and other holidays.

Handmade besswax candlesHandmade besswax candles








We are going to sell beautiful envelopes for greeting cards for Valentine's Day. We offer to send letters in  retro style - write them with a bird pen, seal with a wax seal and put your own stamp on this print!
Welcome to our shop SovietDacha at Etsy and to the Museum in Moscow!