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We start sales

Posted 23/12/2015

Our guests often want to buy the exhibits of our museum. We allow film crews to use our furniture, accessories and other items in their films. People often ask us about our exhibits. We thought and decided to start selling them!

 Sale! Soviet vintage.Sale! Soviet vintage.

Almost Everything that you can see on our photos in Gallery is available to buy.

There are a lot of new things original of Soviet era in our museum. We are proud of the fact that all things are real, genuine, made in the USSR.

Some of the things has been used by someone and other things are new, preserved in excellent quality.

Our customers buy clothes for photo shoots and masquerades or just because of homesickness. Some people have long left Russia, but bought a souvenir things that remind them of the Soviet childhood.

 Soviet toysSoviet toys
















So we offer a variety of things like greeting cards, toys, badges, kitchenware and various accessories which reflect the spirit of the Soviet past.

Soviet kitchenwareSoviet kitchenware














We begin to distribute our offers in the section sale. If you want to buy something or you've seen the thing on museum photos, and you want to have it in your house, please contact us by e-mail.

You can buy soviet clothesYou can buy soviet clothes

Soviet accessoriesSoviet accessories












Your emails and questions are welcome!