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Soviet Dacha in Moscow is a uniqe chance to become familiar to Russian real life.

The information about servises for interactive tour in Moscow is here.

You can read news and information about our events on this page or look photos from Dacha in different seasons.

Contact us by e-mail: info@visitrussdacha.com or leave the request at our website.

You can also look video and read rewiews here befor booking.

Travel guide about Soviet Dacha

Posted 1/10/2015

Two years ago we received copies of several journals from Thailand with the description of excursions at Dacha.

Thai travel magazine about Dacha Thai travel magazine about Dacha

















Now we have the news from France. A new instance of a popular guidebook described the trip to Dacha on their pages!

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Russian harvest

Posted 14/8/2015

Russian dish with potatoRussian dish with potato



















In early may, we planted potatoes in the garden of Soviet Dacha in Moscow. At the begining of June we hilled it to have more tubers. In early July, the potato has started to bloom and now it bears berries.

Potatoes were introduced in Russia by Tsar Peter the Great, who brought potatoes from Holland in the early 18th century.

Russian peasants were afraid to grow unknown plant. There have been several cases of poisoning. The fact that the berries of the potato are poisonous, but it looks like small tomatoes.

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How to make a pond in the Garden

Posted 10/8/2015

At first we chose a location for our pond in spot that gets mixed sun and shade, since this environment allows plants to grow and keeps algae at bay.

We know that there are no any gas or electric lines and other important constructions. This place is in front of old house under the apple tree. But we didn’t think about the leaves. And when the pond was ready it was full of apple leaves and small green apples.

Our Dacha is more than 60 years old. Here grows a lot of trees, herbs and other plants. But we never tried to make ponds in the garden! And now we decided to design the place near old house with a small handmade pond.

 Handmade pondHandmade pond

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Potatos at Soviet Dacha in Moscow

Posted 12/5/2015

Today we planted potatoes.
In a Russian village say that potatoes should be planted when the birch leaves are the size of the Soviet coin 2 kopeks.
The leaves on our birch tree blossomed and became big and the nights are warm now. It's time to plant potatoes.
In the villages of potatoes are planted on a large field using a horse and plow.
It's a feast for the entire village.
At our Dacha we have only one small plot of land and the small line for the potato. Here we're digging out a hole for each potato with the shovel.
Planting potatoes at Soviet Dacha in MoscowPlanting potatoes at Soviet Dacha in Moscow

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Victory Day!

Posted 9/5/2015

Congratulations with the Victory Day!
Today in Moscow held the most beautiful military parade in my life.
For the first time there were so many participants.
For the first time in orderly rows allies marched. For the first time in the parade was attended by girls from cadet school. And how gracefully and smoothly went the Chinese military!
Armor affects everybody  its strength, tanks and guns looks strange on the main square of the country.
And of course everyone could see virtuosos in the sky. Fighters, at tremendous speeds flying figure 70.
Planes and helicopters were returning from the Red square and flew over the Moscow and our Dacha.

Victory Day at DachaVictory Day at Dacha

















70 years have passed since the end of WWII!
Congratulations everyone!

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New guests and New ideas

Posted 29/4/2015

Recently we had a wonderful guest from Zurich (Switzerland)
She speaks fluent Russian and knows a lot about Russian history.
She is truly passionate about Russian culture and  our history.
She gave us some new ideas for the development of our project.
1 Idea
We will begin to post recipes of Russian cuisine and cooking classes!

We will begin to post recipes of Russian cuisine and cooking classes!We will begin to post recipes of Russian cuisine and cooking classes!

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New price

Posted 23/2/2015

We have fixed the prices for our tours in rubles!
The dollar and the Euro is growing in Russia. Therefore, the visit to Russia is cheaper and better now.
Perhaps the most unusual tour in Moscow has now become even more affordable.
We offer a full immersion in the Soviet past, all about Russian summer houses, interactive activity and fun.
It will be interesting, and now even cheaper!

Our proposal is here

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Happy New Year!

Posted 22/12/2014

Советская Дача желает Вам сказочного Рождества и Нового Года, наполненного счастьем!.

Soviet Dacha wishes you a fabulous Christmas and a New Year full of happiness!

i La Dacha le desea una muy Feliz Navidad de fábula y que el 2015 esta lleno amor y felicidad!

Sowjetische Datscha wünscht Ihnen frohe Weihnachten, Glück, Erfolg und persönliches Wohlergehen im neuen Jahr!

บ้านดาช่าโซเวียต ขอให้ท่านสนุกสุขสันต์ในวันคริสต์มาส และมีความสุขกับปีใหม่นี้

Happy New Year from RussiaHappy New Year from Russia

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Soviet Dacha in Moscow on YouTube

Posted 20/10/2014

We love our Dacha. We write a lot about it on this page and set a lot of photos in Gallery.

Now we start to shoot video about Soviet Dacha!

Today the channel of the Soviet Dacha in Moscow starts on YouTube!

You can also see video on the page Dacha of this website!

Big group from Thailand

Posted 15/10/2014

We have increased the size of the groups! Two years ago, we could take a group of not more than 4 tourists.
Now we are waiting for large groups up to 12 people! This weekend the bus brought us 14 Thai tourists.

We had fun with Thai guestsWe had fun with Thai guestsBut we still can organise free  transfer for not more then 4 guests.

The tour started with a light homemade snacks and beverages in the Russian style.


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